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Kim Hannan, Owner and President

Bec N Call was a dream come true for me. My passion has always been helping others. I began my career as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and managed communities for over 25 years. When I learned of the possible closure of Bec N Call, I contacted the owner. The company had been in business for over 15 years and was such a valuable service in our community. After many meetings and discussions with the previous owner, I decided to purchase the business.

Bec N Call still operates today as in the past. Clients can call us and know their needs will be met with integrity and Christian values. We treat each of our clients with dignity and respect. Our goal is that the clients we serve will become lifelong clients with Bec N Call.

wheelchair vans, wheelchair transportation, airport transportation, errands, pet sitting, house sitting

Randy Hendrickson

Randy grew up in Michigan where he attended high school and college, graduating from Northwood University. He served in the U.S. Air Force for 4 years and spent time in Texas, Michigan and Turkey. Following his military experience, he worked as a Radiology Technician providing clinical and surgical care and processing radiographs. Quality patient care and serving others has always been his passion. Following this experience, Randy began working in the automotive industry for about 30 years, with 15 of those in his own auto business.

Faith is a large priority in Randy’s life. He served as an Usher at Elevate Life Church, developing and furthering his “serving others” mentality. According to him, the key to life is finding and doing what he enjoys most; serving others at their Bec N Call.


charlie julian, employee of the month

Charlie Julian

Please help me congratulate Charlie Julian as our December Employee of the Month! Charlie has worked for Bec N Call since July of 2022 providing service for our contracted LYFT and Bec N Call clients. According to Marisa, Charlie goes above and beyond on every job. He is always early in order to ensure our clients get to where they need to be on time. He treats each one as if they were his own family members. People always tell Marisa that he is such a gentleman and very careful with everyone. She just got a call from a client last Friday saying they were so pleased with our service and Charlie was the best!

Thank you Charlie for all you do for our clients. We appreciate you!

An Abbreviated History of Bec N Call Business & Personal Services, Inc.

Written by Cal Calvin, previous owner (1998 – 2012)

In the Beginning…

In September, 1998, Bec and I traveled to Colorado for a visit with her parents. As we prepared for the absence from our home in Allen, we searched for a pet sitter to care for Sparkle, our 5-year-old registered Dalmatian who was our indoor constant companion.

We had thought it would be a relatively simple matter to find a pet care service that would visit Sparkle two or three times a day in our home, but our search was fruitless. The Web (pretty much in its infancy), the area newspapers, nor the myriad phone calls to friends produced local pet sitting possibilities.

The solution? When we pulled out of our driveway to leave town, four friends and neighbors had keys to our home, Sparkle’s leash and a checkerboard schedule we hoped would be both understood and honored! I am happy to confirm the pet-care-plan was successful, but there was still consternation about having four keys scattered all over our end of town!

Much of our conversation en route to Denver revolved around the desperate need for pet care in Allen and the area for folks like us who want to get away occasionally – but still have the confidence their pets are adequately cared for and loved. You saw this coming… One of us said to the other, “Why don’t we open a pet care business?” Voilà! A new Texas business was born somewhere between Texas and Colorado!

Sharing our exciting new venture with Bec’s parents, we talked about a name for our business. After a short discussion, Bec’s mother exclaimed, “Well, it’s pretty obvious to me! It should be BEC and CAL at your “BEC N CALL!” The return trip to Allen was the spawning of all the ways we could serve our neighbors, friends and residents of the extended community in which we lived! BEC N CALL Business & Personal Services, Inc., Allen, Texas, became reality.

Across the Years…

Little did we know how long our venture would succeed! We just knew that we sensed a mission in Allen and the surrounding area, so we plunged in with all of our strength and resources to serve our clients and neighbors well. Almost immediately, it was apparent that pet care wasn’t the only service needed in the community. Here are some of the questions we were fielding:

  • In addition to caring for our pets, would you be able to take us to the airport?
  • While we are traveling, the repair person for our air conditioner needs access to the house. Would you be able to let him in and keep an eye on the house?
  • The pets really need to be groomed, could you take them to the groomer while we are away?
  • I have a doctor appointment on Thursday. Would you be able to take me to Dallas and wait for me to return home?
  • Dad is in a senior care residence. We would like you to drop by and visit with him a few times while we are traveling.

There seemed to be no good reason to say, “No.” So we almost always said, “Yes!” That, we believe, has been the main reason we’ve been serving friends and neighbors and strangers for almost 14 years in Allen, McKinney, Plano and the surrounding area!

Within a relatively short period, we engaged several employees and purchased multiple new vehicles, all marked with our “juggler” logo that proclaimed, “Helping you juggle all of your worlds!”

The dream had become reality! Our list of services now offered numerous possibilities for scores of families who were moving into our community who had no extended family members in the area to help them while they were vacationing or traveling for business.

A treasured and rewarding benefit of these near-14 service years is that Bec and I have acquired life-long friends. Some are our employees. Others are clients. We have mourned the loss of their family members and the deaths of their pets. We have conducted funerals for both people and pets. We have stood at the bedsides and graves of both dying client-friends and their beloved pets. In many cases, we have shared both their sorrows and their joys.

At the End…

Less than two years ago, Bec (born Rebecca) began to suffer the effects of osteoporosis and scoliosis. Her decline has been rapid. In July 2010, Bec was literally just standing in our backyard when one of her hips just snapped and broke. She had hip surgery but determinedly returned to work within a few weeks.

On Christmas Eve in 2010, her other hip broke right in the middle of the busiest time of the year for BEC N CALL! Recovery had taken longer for the second hip and in addition, she experienced numerous other broken bones – ribs, feet and vertebrae.

Despite at least a dozen surgeries and other procedures, including the injection of cement into 14 vertebrae, Bec has almost super humanly remained committed to serving BEC N CALL and our clients. She suffers constant – around-the-clock pain – yet she continues to operate and nurture BEC N CALL, along with her admiring spouse who has decided to retire with a lucky pair of 7’s later this year.

On Monday, March 19, Bec will have major reconstructive back surgery at Presbyterian Hospital, Plano. The surgeon told us she will be hospitalized for a full month. If successful, rehabilitation and therapy will still require months of patience and recovery.

Unfinished Business…

Sadly to say, Bec endured as many surgeries as her frail body could handle. My only peace is knowing she is not suffering in constant pain any longer.

We are a family of two now, Peanut and myself, but our extended family consists of hundreds of pets we have cared for across the years – dogs, cats, gerbils, rabbits, fish, rats, mice, reptiles, donkeys, horses, parrots, Amazons, iguanas – you name them, in our 14 years of caring for pets, we probably cared for them!

The Story of “BEC and CAL at your BEC N CALL”, Written by Cal Calvin
Copyright © 2012, BEC N CALL Business & Personal Services, Inc.

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