My 94-year-old father became debilitated overnight, and I was terrified that we couldn’t even get to a doctor’s appointment with him in a wheelchair. We could not afford the private rides, and some of his doctors were unwilling to tell Medicare that the visits they ordered were “medically necessary,” to help us get rides. I was in a panic. Tony and his crew have saved our lives. They are not only on time and easy to communicate with, they are kind and so helpful — and make me not dread taking Dad out. I have been brought to tears often at how they genuinely care for their riders and their families. People need this service desperately, because if a round trip to the doctor costs $250 and up, people just will skip appointments. They will have no choice. I cannot praise these gents enough — thank you for making them available to us to help us and make us smile in this stressful and awful time.

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